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beachThis blog has been created mainly to chronicle Laura’s travels. Afterwards, however, there seems to be a need to transform this blog into something more than just about travel and leisure. It has become a personal travel diary, complete with Laura’s persistent attempts at mastering photography.

Being all over for quite some time, Laura and her team (that’s us!) have encountered various hosts, attractions, and adventures along the way. That’s why you will see this blog as content-rich, full of how-tos and guidelines so you will be able to enjoy even more than we did when we first arrived at a location.

It is funny to note that after a couple of trips out of town and out of the country, Laura and some of us as well, are yet to learn to look less than like a tourist and to pack light and right. Those two things we know are very important because those are keys to enjoy traveling and being all over. We have seen those two tips come up in almost every other travel article but what can we do, we are an entourage of chic and stylish individuals who are out to have fun in the world. You definitely can’t blame us. After all, we try to bring home all of the bacon once we come down to write our travel journals.

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