Bali Top Budget Attractions

Bali, Indonesia is not at all a cheap destination. That does not mean, however, that you should forget about visiting this place when you are on a shoestring budget. There are good things to explore about Bali that would not charge an arm and a leg for. You simply would just have to look beyond the top attractions and activities.

balisurfGo Ahead and Surf

You will not have a complete experience of Bali if you have not gone to the beach. One of the best things to do to be one with the crystal blue waters is go on a surf. There are finest spots in the beaches of Bali to do so. They have various lessons available for beginners and seasoned pros and most lessons would not charge more than 5 bucks. That’s cheap for an adventure full of excitement, plus fun factor, plus exercise. Also if you are looking for nice accommodation & villas in Bali check out

Dig Beneath the Waters

Scuba diving is another fun but cheap activity for Bali trippers. Aqua marine life is just as beautiful as the view above the sea. There are many low cost diving lessons available all over Bali that offers a fantastic experience for beginners and professionals alike.

Bond with the Locals

One great way to explore Bali culture without spending too much is to visit the suburbs and mix in with the locals. Do not stick to tourist attractions. As they are tagged as for “tourists”, they usually come with a price. Check out spots where locals frequent and you will understand more about how they go through their everyday lives. One hotspot that you should not miss is the Kintimani Region, with its various fishing villages and fruit markets. It is a great place for people-watching and for sampling the local cuisine. There are also numerous shops where you can buy items to take home as your souvenirs.

Visit the Temples

Indonesia is one of the most religious Islamic countries in the world. It is also a place where Hindu culture is most vibrant. If you want to know how faithful they are to their faith, you must visit the temples. This can be done with no charge at all on your part.

Walk Around Beautiful Gardens

Bali is blessed with the gift of flora and fauna. There are many amazing plants that are all over the island. They are put together into a garden, which you will find at every turn.

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