3 Reasons Why Videography is the Best Medium for Creative Wedding Memories

A wedding is an event filled with various spectacles. That’s why capturing the entire moment is a must. However, there are a lot of ways to capture these moments and it may be daunting to explore each one. But we’re here to tell you the other alternative for Auckland wedding photography. Videography might have existed for a long time already but it is only this decade that it matured and became a viable platform for anyone who wants to capture and store memories.

  1. Flexible

The reason why it is better to mainly have videos rather than best wedding photos is that it is flexible. Meaning that it can be whatever the couple wants it to be. The ability to add after-shoot effects and beautifying elements is also one thing we should consider as there are a lot of people out there who want something exactly like this.

Flexibility may also imply the equipment being used since, over these past few years, technology has improved by a lot and even the hardware itself. Modern videography paraphernalia is now equipped with a ton of features that would absolutely make any videographer’s life a lot easier.

  1. Long-lasting

Auckland Wedding Photography along with videography both offers a very long life-span. This means that you can have all the captured content stored in secured hard drives that would be accessible even if decades have passed. This would be a very good advantage, especially for people who want to show off to either family or friends. It will also serve as a very good memory that would be available for people in the future to see. The hard drives or any methods that would be used to store the file would isn’t that expensive so it is very affordable and a widespread practice across Australia.

  1. Accessibility and replayability

Unlike other methods and platforms, videography and Auckland wedding photography offers a very good accessibility feature, all thanks to modern mobile devices. You can easily transfer files to your cell phone and watch it, even on the go! This feature is also the main selling point, and why a lot of people are trusting their funds to videography. Modern videography equipment is also capable of higher resolution capturing which makes watching on mobile devices a lot better.

Videography is certainly one thing couples should consider even before the wedding planning. For us, it is an investment that is worth it to the core and hiring a wedding photographer is also very easy.

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Auckland and Hamilton, Great NZ Destinations

To have a meaningful visit to New Zealand, make sure that you cover two of its most amazing destinations – Auckland and Hamilton. Moving from one place to another would not be a problem because the country has a fantastic transport system. You can cover distances without any problem with the help of car rental in Hamilton.                         

Auckland: Of scenic landscapes and exciting adventures

car_hireNZ1Auckland is the largest city in NZ. It is a modern cosmopolitan that is blessed with the beauty of nature. There are many natural sights that should prompt you to jump into car rental Hamilton and ask the driver to take you to Auckland. For one, it has no less than 48 volcanic cones, all of which are extinct and are yours to admire. For another, its waters are teeming with marine life that you could experience for yourself courtesy of the available activities that will take you into the deep.

You sure would enjoy roaming around the beautiful city as you would with urban sophistication that can be found downtown. After having countless shindigs, your car rental Hamilton could take you to the outskirts and into the farmlands where there is much more to experience. The green countryside of Auckland is home to many flourishing industries like coal mining and wine growing. After your journey of the entire city, it is time to move on to even more exciting adventures to Hamilton.

Hamilton: A city cut in half

Hamilton has a pretty strange premise, the Waikato River, the longest in the country, cuts the city in half. Yes, it flows right through the middle, piercing through and dividing Hamilton into the West and East side. Each side has a distinction. It would not be enough to experience just one side because you will not be able to experience the city in full. Hamilton West is known for its shopping areas while the East is known for housing the University of Waikato. There are several attractions that you should not miss in Hamilton, which you can ask your skilled car hire in Auckland to take you to, to enjoy the best experience of the city possible. Some sights that are worth to see include the Hamilton Zoo, the Waikato Museum, and the Hamilton Gardens. It is also worth checking out the Taitua Arboretum. It is a 20-hectare reserve that features a wide collection of mature trees. Truly a great sight.

Moving from Auckland to Hamilton and back again should not be a problem because car rental New Zealand is very helpful for a comfortable and safe transit.

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