Check-in to a Hotel Where You Could Find the Best Bed Linens in Australia

There is nowhere else in the world better than home, they say, and I agree with that one hundred percent. Some might say it’s because that’s where your family is or it’s because you are more comfortable in the place where you live in. But, I’ve got two words for you: bed linens.bed_linen_olympic

I’m sure most of you will agree that one of the reasons for having a good night’s sleep is because of ultra-soft and comfy sheet sets. And very ‘meticulous me’ (that’s how I am called by my closest friends) always looks for quality when it comes to these things.

It really doesn’t matter if I spend hundreds of dollars on an Olympic queen sheet set. If I want to sleep well, I should have good linens.

Now, I love traveling. But one of the things I hate about traveling is staying in hotels because a lot of these accommodations are not very particular about their linens.

Sure, there are five star hotels that may boast of 300-thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases, bed linens and blankets – and that’s great and all. Then again, there really are just a few people who can afford to pay thousands of dollars on a place where they will keep their bags in the morning and sleep in at night.

Unfortunately, for the most of us (and I am included here), we would have to settle for cheaper hotel accommodations. And that often means bad sheet sets.

But we all get surprised once in a while.

I went to Australia just last week for vacation, specifically in Sydney, Darwin and the utterly gorgeous Gold Coast. I’m a huge surfing fan so I just had to visit that place.

Naturally, ‘meticulous me’ was having trouble with looking for accommodation. While there are photos of the rooms on most of the hotels’ websites I checked, I couldn’t really be sure if their Olympic queen sheet set will pass my standards, right?

You can just imagine how wary I was when I entered that tiny hotel I checked into in Sydney. But in just one caress, I just knew that I could sleep on that bed for one whole day – which I did after partying the whole night.

I wasn’t so happy with the Darwin bed and breakfast I stayed in. It was OK so I still got my beauty rest. But the villa in Gold Coast I shared with friends had the most luxurious sheet sets I have ever slept on.

So you want to experience really good bed linens? Australia is a place to start.

If you are looking for bed linens that are affordable yet high quality like those used in hotels? Find them here at

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