Benefits of adding Brand Logo in Packaging

In the competitive field of retail promotion, entrepreneurs need to give emphasis on the role that proper packaging plays. Though the value of a product may ultimately determine its sales, quality-packaging design would definitely give it an initial edge.

Unlike conventional advertising, where entrepreneurs must literally go out of their way to get a potential consumer’s attention, creative packaging only requires sending out sublimely useful signals which the client can relate to. Popular international brands like Apple Inc, Nike and Coca Cola have greatly invested in their packaging. Small companies need to do the same so that they can enjoy success.

Brand Association

brandWhen consumers enter the supermarket they often find aisles of other similar brands, this may make it quite difficult to choose a specific brand. In such circumstances, consumers would go for products that they can associate with. Recognizable brands usually have a distinct edge due to their attention-grabbing nature.

Companies often stereotype their products and clients willingly succumb, that’s the reason why most Barbie dolls come in pink boxes and men deodorants in charcoal black cans.

Practicality Stores

Brand identity packaging isn’t only limited to outward appearances. It goes way beyond ribbons and wrappers particularly when referring to perishable commodities. In such scenarios, freshness rates way above anything else plus packaging standards should also comply. USFDA has distinct rules on how edible products ought to be packaged, and all manufactures ought to adhere by these rules.

Go Green!

Environmentally friendly wrapping always impresses customers. It also helps businessmen establish a brand image that’s both austere and reliable. Reusable, eco-friendly containers have been very popular amongst consumers, most of who appreciate the value of environmental conservation.

Customer Baiting

Proper packaging is the key to luring more customers. Shopping is generally a multi-sensory endeavor and manufacturers should be aware of this fact. New products that seek to make a breakthrough in the market may easily edge out competitors, primarily based on the factor of smart packaging. With a few special products such as cosmetics, customers should be able to find the aesthetic value that they present.

Nevertheless, packaging should not be seen as an opportunity for brand strategy designers to display their creativity and neglecting the main goal that should be making sales. Designers should refrain from viewing brand design as part of some contest. Good product logos should leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind; they also need to be simple and precise in their description of the brand message.

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