Professional Slate Roofing in Sydney Helps Owners Prevent Water Damage on their Slate Roofs

Slate roofs have proven to withstand and perform well under Sydney’s extreme weather conditions. However, water damage appears when rain collects along the eaves of the roof and causing water to run down and it’ll be difficult to prevent roof leakage. However, if the roof is under maintenance with any professional slate roofing repairs Sydney, this is unlikely to happen.

copper2Those who don’t agree with having roof maintenance will commonly turn to the standard approach of removing the slates along the eaves and then apply a peel and stick underlayment and reinstall the slates. Professional slate roofing repairs Sydney condemn this as a poor solution for several reasons. The temporary peel and stick underlayment is only good until it last. Another reason is that underlayment is always treated as temporary part of a slate roof and they’re not recommended for permanent water prevention. On the other hand, roof maintenance Sydney sees reinstalling slates as too expensive for a temporary repair as the work demands days to complete. Using peel and stick underlayment could also pose danger to health as these materials usually contain cancer-causing chemicals.

So what are the best recommendations to prevent water damage on slates roofing? Slate roofing repairs Sydney suggests making sure your slate roofing is well ventilated, this helps although it may not completely give solution. Installing over-sized bib flashing is another quick repair solution. This flat piece of sheet metal will fortify the head lap on slates and because it is wide and long enough to cover the defects in the slates, the entry of water is controlled. The bib-flashing can also tighten up the eaves, slow down and prevent leakage during heavy downpours. Using copper and terne-coated stainless steel is also a good advice from copper roofing Sydney.

Another approach is increasing the headlap, as headlaps along the eaves are responsible in preventing water entry. Standard headlap is about 3″ however, it can be increased up to 5″ along the bottom of the slates. With increased headlap, water needs to run uphill for a few more inches in getting behind the slates. The work is permanent and barely unnoticeable especially by untrained eyes.

Slates roofing is proven to last longer and most of the time outlast the building itself. Another benefit is that slates roofing contributes no substance that are detrimental to the environment and this alone makes it a popular and in demand for roofing. However, in order to enjoy much of the benefits, professional slate roofing in Sydney has a little recommendation – a roof maintenance for longer service from your slate roofing.

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