Four Laidback But Super Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

The Bridal Shower, for a lot of brides and bridesmaids out there, is the most amazing part of weddings. Sure, saying I do on the actual date of the wedding is also exciting but no one can deny that the former is super fun! This is why you will need wedding photographers Sydney during the hen party as well.

So let’s get on it! Here are five of the best bridal shower ideas you might want to give a try:

Have your own book club for a night

bridesmaidsThis would be great if the bride and the rest of the party are bookworms who love the same author. If you don’t share favourite writers, you could recommend your preferences.

Not a book fan? Then go crazy watching chick flicks! You could even do charades and other games in between the movies and laugh all day and maybe, nightlong. The wedding photographer in Sydney you hired will definitely envy you and probably would join.

Sunset at the beach

Nothing can be more relaxing than going to the beach, lounging in those recliners under an oversized umbrella with a cold cocktail in hand. You’re with your best friends, getting all excited for the day when the bride walks down the aisle. Need I say more?

Tea and scones party

Who doesn’t love an English themed, afternoon tea party complete with scones, dainty cupcakes and quiche? Wedding photographers Sydney would love this idea too!

Find a quaint little cottage with a nice, manicured lawn. Take out all the chairs and tables, set the table with beautiful china and chat under the afternoon sun. And don’t forget those pastel sundresses and elaborate hats!

Making final preparations for the wedding

As a maid of honour, this is part of your job. Doing this during the shower would be something your bride will definitely love. This is a thoughtful labour of love. Check out the centerpieces, fit the dresses, make DIY giveaways for the reception, etc.

Make sure you include this in the album of wedding photo Sydney! You could even open a bottle of champagne while doing this – just don’t get too sloshed.

Don’t worry that you won’t be having a great time on that day if you don’t have male strippers dancing for you. Just check out Pinterest and you’ll find other fun ideas for a bridal shower. Just don’t forget to hire those wedding photographers Sydney because these are memories you need to keep.

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