How to Do Perfect Storytelling in Wedding Photography

wedding photographer in actionPhotography is a creative way to tell stories about weddings. Through the perfectly captured wedding photos, viewers can have an idea of the experience during the actual wedding ceremony. Viewers can feel the emotions of a particular moment when it is captured in photos using the right framing and composition. Wedding is such a momentous and unforgettable once in a lifetime event for many. So, it is very important that the event and stories about it be told creatively through photography. Below are the ways to do it.

Have a list of the highlights

Joe Buissink, a renowned photographer, said that weddings are unique as reflected on their videos. Well, he is right, as uniqueness can be also seen in photos especially in how it is narrated or told. So, to have a creative way of telling the story about the wedding, you need to have a list of the highlights so the photographer won’t miss any important moment. In the pre wedding photography session, there are also details that need to be highlighted. What are those is already up to you and your partner who’ll get married.

Every pre wedding photo adds richness and uniqueness to the wedding. There are couples who chose to take the photos themselves during the pre-wedding ceremony and the results were amazing and very unique.

Choose the right framing

Weddings are overflowing with emotions especially happy, ecstatic, and very emotional feelings. You can’t capture all these with just one type of framing. You also don’t need to use long shot every time just to convey in the photo what is happening in the whole event. When you browse any wedding blog for creatively shot photos, you’ll notice that there are as many close up shots as long shots.

Part of the framing is the decision to cover or not the whole subject. For example, while the couple is hugging each other during the reception, there are moments that it’s best to shoot them with focus on any of the couple to emphasize a particular emotion.

Don’t neglect the small details

The details are also important because they complete the whole story. They also make the wedding photos more interesting. The lighting, cupcakes and bunch of flowers are some examples of small details that can be seen in photos.

With these tips, photography can be effectively used in narrating what happened during the wedding. The storytelling will have a smooth flow complete with all the emotions the viewer is expecting to experience.

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