When to get a Heart Check Up

When you need to have an annual checkup, you should also consider having your heart checked. A heart clinic Sydney would be able to provide the tests needed for a full heart checkup. However, there are circumstances when you don’t need to have specific tests.

heartcheckupIt is necessary to undergo a heart check up when there are indications to possible health risks. Visiting a heart clinic Sydney would enable you to go through a checklist with a doctor. Some of the heart tests that are conducted include an electrocardiogram, exercise ECG, echocardiogram, and coronary calcium scan. It is not necessary for all of these tests to be conducted. But, here are instances when these tests are needed:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) – For those who have not had a heart attack, the ECG is used to check the heart’s electrical impulses, to see if it is firing properly. For those who have a heart problem, it is used to determine whether the patient had a heart attack or an angina. It is also used to check if a pacemaker is working properly.

  • Exercise ECG – The exercise ECG is used to determine the cause of any unexplained chest pain. It is also used to determine if a person is healthy enough to exercise, as well as check for any abnormal change in heartbeat during exercise.

  • Echocardiogram – The echocardiogram is used to check how well your heart is pumping blood. It is also used to determine the cause of any unexplained chest pains or on when there are episodes of shortness of breath. It can also check for any signs of a disease or weakness occurring in the heart’s chambers, as well as the heart valves.

  • Coronary Calcium Scan – The coronary calcium scan determines the risk of a heart attack. The results can also be used to decide if a change in medication is warranted.

As a general rule, these tests are not all conducted during a check-up. The doctor will determine if there is any need for a patient to undergo any of the tests. When doing a heart check Sydney, it is better to discuss this first with a general practitioner before going to a specialist. Like most other diseases, early detection can help prevent a heart attack, or angina, or any other heart disease, or heart related condition. With today’s lifestyle, heart problems and other lifestyle-related health issues can lead to sudden death. So, it is also a must to go see an expert at a heart clinic Sydney near you before it gets serious.

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