Enjoy the Bali Sun and Sand in a Beachside Villa

Depositphotos_8959286_s-2015Bali is largely known for its white sandy beaches and naturally friendly locals.  While there are plenty of accommodations that dot the island paradise, nothing beats getting luxury accommodation in strategically located Bali holiday villas. With superb view of the turquoise waters of the Bali Sea and the miles upon miles of rolling white sandy beaches, getting a room that is facing this natural beauty is worth more than what you pay for.

There are simply many things to do in Bali. It is essentially one of Indonesia’s top performing tourist destinations. Its proximity to Australia makes it the perfect holiday destination for Aussies. And why not? There are already many tourism establishments in Bali that are partly owned by foreigners, mostly Australians who have married local Indonesian men and women. This mix of local culture with international flair is something that is clearly evident in any of the best villas in Bali.

So, how do you really enjoy Bali?

Bali is a small island. While there are means of transportation in the island, the best way to really enjoy it is by walking. Not only is it good as exercise, it allows you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the island. Or, you can coordinate with the customer service of the Bali holiday villasyou are staying and they can arrange transportation for you to explore the island. They do offer such services and, with their knowledge of the local tourism scene, they are more than qualified to be your guide.

Visiting Bali will never be complete without having a taste of its nightlife. Many luxury Bali villasprovide a variety of evening entertainment for their guests. This is often performed by the beach that makes it all the more romantic if you went to Bali with your loved one. After all the festivities, you can always continue with the lively Bali night scene in any of its famed clubs and bars. Anyone of these is surely accessible to your Bali holiday villasso there is no need to worry about how to get there. If transportation is a concern, you can always ask the villa for assistance.

After a night at any of Bali’s entertainment centers, you can always wake up to the soft sound of small waves pounding on the beach. Such a scene will often make you realize that you are in Mother Nature’s most treasured island paradise.

When you visit Bali for a grand holiday, make sure to get the best villas in Seminyakbecause that is where the best part of the island paradise truly is.

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Awesome Asia

Everyone has that one trip they consider to be the best travel experience of their life. An unforgettable trip will always entail something that someone has never encountered in their own neighborhood, whether that is a strange looking plant, exciting activities, breathtaking views, encountering historical landmarks or perhaps just the fact that they had more fun than they ever had from any other trip because of the group they travelled with. Those who have had the chance to travel to Asia can tell you that it is one of those must-travel-to destinations. Here are some of the most exciting tourist attractions in Asia:

The Great Wall of China

If you ever get a chance to visit China, this is the first place you want to make a stop. Not only is it the most coveted travel destination in the world, but also one of the most breathtaking and dripping with history. This man made fortification is one of the most spoken of structures since its discovery. It was created during the Ming Dynasty (between 220-206 BC) to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusions. It is made of stone, tamped earth and brick. The wall still stands strong because of regular rebuilding and maintenance. It is located on China’s northern border and makes a great addition to any travel album.

The Forbidden Cityforbidden_city

Another must see place is the Forbidden City, also in China. It is located in the center of Beijing, China’s largest city. In addition to being one of the most historical places in the world, it is one of the best places to travel to for those who wish to learn more about the Chinese culture. It gets the name “forbidden” because it was a palace to ancient Chinese Emperors and their royal families. No one was allowed entry or exit of the city without the Emperor’s permission.

The Taj Mahal

Anyone who has a distinct interest in Asia has heard of the Taj Mahal. The reason it makes a great destination for those traveling in Asia is because apart from the fact that this place is simply breathtaking, the Taj Mahal itself is considered the most globally admired masterpiece of the world’s heritage. This is because of the unique blend of architectural styles that were used in its construction. It makes the prefect travel destinations for architects and historians but would also make a great family stop over for a round of photo sessions, mainly because of the magnificent background. If the exterior does nothing for you, you will love the one-of-a-kind exquisite interior gemstone decorations.

Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney makes the perfect travel destinations for families who travel to Asia. Not only is it a fun place to be because of the multitude of activities which are tailored for kids and grownups, you also get to meet some of your favorite Disney characters, dine, shop and have immense fun at the Tokyo Disney Resort. There is a plethora of theme parks, a unique dining style, as well as an endless number of shops and accommodations. Make this summer the best travel experience of your life by visiting any of these amazing places in Asia. You’ll love it!

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