Good Sewing Machine for Beginners

If you’re plunging to have your first machine for sewing your projects as a beginner, you can opt to a brand new or second hand machines. Singer and Brothers are probably the first two brands that pop-up  however there are other brands like Janome that are equally good for beginners like you. Janome sewing machines is a Japanese brand that has global manufacturing sites including Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

A sewing machine for beginners needs not be expensive, and a cheap one with basic features like 2 stitches, peed control and threader are good enough to sew almost anything. Since most brands have portable model, the portable Janome sewing machines are good for simple sewing projects and because it is lightweight and comes with a case, it’s good for traveling and perfect for dorm or apartment living. The Pink Janome Portable is such an inspiration to sew girly projects like gartered skirts, headbands, pillowcases, fabric bags and everything using light fabrics.

HobbyRoomSewingThere are also some basic rules that you must remember when choosing for beginners sewing machine.  One is about service center and warranty. Since you’re a beginner, it’s not unlikely to use your machine improperly thus the need to have it repaired. Get one with service center near your area. Make sure it comes with a warranty for repairs and parts. Janome sewing machines are sold with warranty card with a list of service centers near your locations so it’s a good buy option for your first sewing machine.

Since you’ll be doing simple projects, you certainly don’t need fancier sewing machine with bells and whistles but 10 stitches machines can be a good option since you’ll be experimenting a lot with your sewing projects. However, go for machines that allow single threading for fancier stitches and that won’t require you to learn complex sewing functions. You can go about it when you’ve mastered your beginner’s machine.

Digital or computerized sewing machines may not be a good option for a first sewing machine user however with everything in digital technology, it’s alright  to get a digital or computerized machine for your first sewing adventures and benefits go a long way too  when using this type of machines. You’ll get  automatic buttonholes, bobbin threading, back stitching and edging and this makes sewing more breezy and swiftly.

Your first sewing machine is your first step into your sewing adventures so it has to be something that is robust but as lightweight as it can be, and can deliver your basic sewing needs while bringing out the joys and thrill of sewing.

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