3 Reasons Why Traveling to Kangaroo Island is a Travel Bucket List Must-Have

kangaroo_island_2Australian guests and travelers always include kangaroo island trip on their travel bucket list. They also never miss booking for Ocean View Rooms Kangaroo Island. Why? Here are their 3 good reasons.

There is so much to see in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located at the Southern Australia and the country’s third largest island. Located at its western end is Flinders Chase National Park that is the largest and famous among the Island’s natural reserves. The Island is the hoe of native vegetation and Australia’s native animals. Guests while enjoying their ocean view rooms Kangaroo Island accommodation get the chance to see up-close animals like sea lions, Wallabies, Koalas and different varieties of birds. In Flinders Chase, there is the Remarkable Rocks, the famous lighthouse at Cape Borda and the Admiral Arch. The Kelly Hills have caves with Stalactite inside and a cave system that showcases impressive column formations of stalactite, stalagmite, shawls and helictite. Over the South coast of the island is the Little Sahara ironically with huge sand dunes. At Murray lagoon, guests can feast at abundant aquatic bird life that includes migratory birds from all corners of the world. At Kingscote, guests are treated to penguin parade at their natural habitat while Raptor Domain is a croc or reptile show that is a delightful experience for everybody including couples who are at the island with romantic escape kangaroo island deal.

There’s so much to do at the island

Kangaroo Island guests won’t allow to be confined on their ocean view rooms Kangaroo Island (although they’ve a hard time breaking away from the breathtaking views of the oceans) and miss out exciting activities at the Island. One of these is joining the ranger guided walking among the sunbathing sea lions. The walking trails and camping areas at Cape du Coudic is something that seasoned or backpacking enthusiasts would die for to experience. The Hanson Bay Koala walk tour is another great thing not to be missed. Swimming with the dolphins is an activity that is too tempting and attractive that joining in with tour group is a must-do while at the island.

There’s so much good places to stay

Traveling to Kangaroo Island is synonymous to staying at world-class accommodation. Kangaroo Island accommodation runs from B&B hotels, budget and cheap hostel and guesthouses to luxury and five star hotels that offer great views of the ocean and the panoramic views of the whole Island. Rates are comparable, affordable and never pocket breaking. Superb services and accommodating staff are simply great bonus that every guest would truly appreciate.

If you want unforgettable Australian experience, simply include a Kangaroo Island trip to your travel bucket list.

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