Buy Wagyu Beef for a Great Dining Experience

Great steaks are all about the flavor, the texture and the taste. When it comes to getting great steaks, quality wagyu beef for sale can be hard to find. Bred from Japanese cattle, which is the literal translation of “wagyu”, this type of steak is a totally different experience.wagyu_online_dining

For the authentic wagyu beef experience, you have to go to Japan, where there are strict rules of breeding, and certification. There are also kitchen rules about how to serve this rich steak. However, you can buy Wagyu beef Sydney, and enjoy it in your favorite restaurant or in your own home due to the Australian breeders who have bred Japanese stock locally. This has led to a revolution in taste, quality and affordability for this truly different meat. Wagyu beef for sale may come in the same cuts as other breeds, like in-bone rib eye, sirloin, or t-bone steaks. However, the difference is not just in the flavor, it has to be tasted to be believed. The real difference is in the genetic makeup of the cattle.

Wagyu beef for sale can be clearly seen to be different. If you have ever seen a steak cut before, you would see the obvious difference when you see a wagyu beef steak. Whereas traditional steak cuts would have long marbling or lean meat, wagyu beef has speckled fat all throughout the meat. This is not hard fat, rather soft fat that melts in your hand. This results in a steak that is softer, more tender, more flavorful, and very rich. With today’s online stores, it is possible to buy wagyu beef online from reputable outlets.

Although not obvious to the naked eye, wagyu beef also has another big difference from steaks from other cattle breeds. Wagyu beef has low cholesterol content. The softer fat has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fats, and high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The highly marbled meat translates to a softer and tastier steak with a distinctively rich and tender flavor

The secret to wagyu beef is in the cattle breeds. Wagyu beef comes from Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll, and Japanese Shorthorn stock. In addition to the genetic stock, the cattle are fed with a diet of dried pasture grasses with nutrition-rich supplements. Wagyu cattle spends more time feeding on special feeds, up to 30 months compared to regular commodity cattle.

To ensure the quality, the grading for Wagyu beef leans heavily towards the intense marbling. The more marbled the beef, with fine specks of fat in between the muscle, the higher the grade. Wagyu beef is more expensive than regular beef because it is not just any ordinary steak; rather it is a melts-in-your-mouth dining experience.

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