How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Without a doubt, the most fun part of being a maid of honour is throwing a bachelorette party. And there is no question to the fact that this is one of those things that the bridesmaids and the rest of the female guests are looking forward to. So what’s the most important element of the party? Male strippers Newcastle, of course!

There are so many companies offering this service these days. There’s a woman getting married every single day, after all. So it’s not really hard to find a hot guy to dance for you during a hen party.

howtothrowbachelorettepartyGo online and check out their sites. Choose the man (or men) from the gallery and book them. Give them your specifications. Would you like a policeman to crash the event? What about a fireman? A delivery guy with a great ‘package’ will make anyone blush.

Male strippers Hunter Valley perform for an hour to an hour and a half, usually, for a specific fee. You could always ask them to stay longer but you will have to pay extra charge for that. The fee will cover transport costs. If it is an out of town gig, you will have to pay for the transportation.

There are some strippers Newcastle who will need a stage, dressing rooms, and even sounds and lights. Again, you can check all these on their site.

Finally, giving a 50% deposit upon booking is a must. The rest of the payment will be given to the performers or the manager, if strippers are accompanied by one at the end of the show.

If the bride is a bit conservative and she would not like to have one of those strippers Central Coast, do not fret. There are so many other ways to make this day super fun even without those gyrating hunks in skimpy denim shorts.

Rent a nice limo and drive around town while sipping on cold champagne. Bring the whole entourage to a belly dancing class – this is a great workout as well. If most of you prefer hip-hop, tango or some other dance, go for that. Wine, fruits and cheese party at home while watching a chick flick is amazing too.

Having strippers Newcastle in a bachelorette party really is a truly entertaining experience. But there are so many other activities that could be enjoyed. As long as the bride had fun at the end of the day, you have fulfilled one of your jobs as a maid of honour.

If you are throwing a bridal shower to your sister or best friend, find a party stripper or entertainer at

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